About Generator

Founded in 2003, Generator Research is an industry research firm.

We focus on how digital technology and the Internet are transforming media, consumer devices and communications.

Examples of markets where we have developed deep expertise include OTT internet television, social networking, eBooks, digital newspapers, tablets, mobile advertising, social commerce, digital music and connected TV.

We offer three products:

  • Markets: 15 in-depth management reports covering disruptive technology markets.
  • Companies: Comprehensive operating data and analysis for 20 of the largest listed companies in the technology sector.
  • TekCarta: A continuously-updated online research portal including data, profiles, forecasts and more.

Latest Research Report

Wearable Technology: 2015

Company Profiles, Market Analysis & Forecasts

  • Market forecasts to 2020
  • 213 companies included
  • All market segments included
  • Penetrating analysis & insights
  • Latest market developments
  • 322 pages, 151 tables & figures

This report includes 221 companies from 24 countries which together offer 132 different wearable technology products. All the major players and market segments are included in this report along with forecasts from 2014 to 2020 for smart watches, smart glasses, fitness and activity trackers and sports performance monitors.


Recent Research Reports

Social Media: 2015

Profiles, Analysis and Forecasts

  • Detailed forecasts from 2012 to 2020
  • Country forecasts for Facebook
  • Country forecasts for YouTube
  • Country forecasts for LinkedIn
  • Country forecasts for Twitter
  • 178 pages, 105 tables & figures

Internet of Things (IoT): 2014

Economic Impact, Market Applications and Analysis

  • Profiles of leading internet players
  • Projections for all segments of the IoT
  • Detailed use cases and applications
  • Leading edge market insights
  • 220 pages, 86 tables & figures
  • Extensive data and forecasts

Smart Homes: 2014

Company Profiles, Market Analysis & Forecasts

  • Profiles of 60 smart homes vendors
  • 384 smart homes vendors included
  • Detailed use cases & value analysis
  • Clear market segmentation
  • 220 pages, 86 tables & figures
  • Powerful vision for future