About Generator

Founded in 2003, Generator Technology is an industry research firm.

We focus on how digital technology and the Internet are transforming media, consumer devices and communications.

Examples of markets where we have developed deep expertise include OTT internet television, social networking, eBooks, digital newspapers, tablets, mobile advertising, social commerce, digital music and connected TV.

We offer three products:

  • Markets: 15 in-depth management reports covering disruptive technology markets.
  • Companies: Comprehensive operating data and analysis for 20 of the largest listed companies in the technology sector.
  • TekCarta: A continuously-updated online research portal including data, profiles, forecasts and more.

Latest Research Report

Artificial Intelligence: Applications

50 Practical Applications of AI Today

  • 50 detailed examples
  • 32 industries covered
  • All parts of the value chain
  • Supporting analysis
  • 85 pages
  • Actionable insights

This report contains 50 detailed case studies that explain in practical terms how and where AI is being used today, both within the enterprise and also in terms of consumer-facing products and services.
The report contains a detailed introduction that explains in very clear terms where the AI market is today and how the key enabling technologies will evolve.
In addition, throughout the report you will find extensive analysis and descriptions of how many of the application areas will develop in the future.


Recent Research Reports

Online Retail: 2015

Key Companies, New Models, Key Trends and Analysis

  • 16 major emerging trends
  • Country-level forecasts to 2025
  • 94 online retailers analyzed
  • Detailed descriptions & case studies
  • 217 pages
  • Popwerful, actionable insights

China Tech: 2015

Overview of the Chinese Technology Start-up Scene

  • 20 Chinese unicorns and hot start-ups
  • Geographic hubs
  • Accelerators and incubators
  • Essential reading
  • 24 pages
  • Remarkable statistics

Artificial Intelligence: Products

Products, Services and Analysis

  • All major vendors included
  • 20 case studies: practical applications
  • 54 companies included
  • 62 AI products and programs
  • 125 pages, 22 figures
  • Detailed analysis and market insights