Complete Guide on Digital Liquid Flow Meters

Precision is what many users aim for when measuring flow rate in liquids. Measuring flow is important in many systems used at home or in various fields. Some of the places where it is applied include plants that remove dirt from water, RO water, irrigation in agriculture, sectors that supply drinking water, and many others. To help users get accurate information about the flow rate, various devices are used. One of them is called a digital water flow meter. Advanced tech has made it easier to measure liquids and fluids flowing in liquids and other containers that hold water. Let’s concentrate on various kinds of digital liquid flow meters and how they are used in different applications. 

Digital water flow meter with output

Three major categories of digital flow meters include frequency output digital meters, analog meters, or 4-20mA pulse. In monitoring water with no output, the best digital flow meters will be electronic, magnetic flow meters. When measuring water flow, these types of meters apply Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction. The loss of water is quite minimal when using these types of flow meters, which makes them ideal in measuring the flow of water. They are also great meters because they increase the measurable flow range. 

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Turbine Digital Water Flow Meter 

Another type of digital water flow meter is called the turbine flow meter. When using this type of digital flow meter, water is measured electronically. A free-spinning turbine is found inside this type of meter that spins while water is running through it. The velocity measured from this meter is equal to the speed of the water flowing through the pipe. The turbine flowmeter has a second device that provides the frequency of the output signal reading rotation. The device also gives other variables such as volume and flow rate. The turbine flowmeter is easy to maintain because it has few moving parts. 

Users can use this type of liquid flow meter to measure clean water. It is normally used in RO water, chilled water, well water, and tap water flowing through pipes. The reason why dirty water is not measured with this type of flow meter is that the dirt can easily clog the turbine meter’s rotating blade. The turbine liquid flow meter is categorized into current output or pulse output. 

Digital Vortex Flowmeter

Digital Vortex Flowmeter

Sometimes the flow of water is measured through a bluff such as a stream or non-streamlined object. In such a case, a vortex flow meter is the ideal digital water flow meter to use. Measuring this kind of flow is through eddies that form when water flows through such an object. These eddies are also called vortices, which are measured with different types of sensors. The volumetric flow is directly proportional to the vortices’ frequency. 

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Coriolis Flow Meter 

When the user wants to measure the flow rate of water flowing through a tube or several tubes, the Coriolis flowmeter will serve well. Vibrations caused by twists that occur when water flows through a tube or several tubes. The measured twist provides the mass flow. The mass flow is directly proportional to the mass flow. 


When choosing the type of liquid flow meter to be used in any application, you need to first understand how it works and what kind of application goes well. Failure to do so may end up getting inaccurate readings or results. Always ask the manufacturer if you are not sure which flow meter you want for your application. 

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