Belarus Says It Has No Debt for Gas to Russia

MINSK, May 29 – PRIME. Belarus says that it has no debt to the Russian side for imported natural gas, following the disagreement between business entities on determining the cost of gas “taking into account the gas composition content,” the press service of the Belarusian Ministry of Energy said on Friday.

Earlier on Friday, Gazprom chairman Alexei Miller said the company was ready to start negotiations on gas supplies to Belarus for the period from 2021 after resolving the issue with the country’s gas debt of $ 165.6 million. According to Miller, a letter stating this position today was sent to the Minister of Energy of Belarus.

“The Ministry of Energy informs that the Republic of Belarus has no debt for imported natural gas. Payments for the supplied natural gas are carried out by Belarusian gas-supplying organizations with Gazprom Transgaz Belarus in accordance with the concluded agreements. At present, there are disagreements between business entities on determining the cost of the supplied natural gas, taking into account its calorie content, “the Belarusian Ministry of Energy said in a statement.

As the agency notes, the settlement of issues arises within the competence of business entities.

Earlier, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said that under current conditions, the price of Russian gas for the republic should be $ 40-45 per thousand cubic meters, taking into account logistics, and not $ 127, as it is now. The head of the republic’s ministry of energy, Viktor Karankevich, announced in early April that Minsk had raised the question of Gazprom lowering gas prices for the republic by 2020. As one of the review mechanisms, the possibility of buying certain volumes of gas on exchange platforms at competitive prices has been proposed.

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In mid-May, Belarussian Prime Minister Sergei Rumas announced negotiations with Gazprom on reducing the price of natural gas supplied. Then Rumas said that in negotiations with Gazprom Minsk does not require an “integration discount” on Russian gas or a reduction in its price to the price level for the regions of the Russian Federation. On Wednesday, May 27, a telephone conversation took place between Rumas and his Russian counterpart Mikhail Mishustin, during which Mishustin emphasized the importance of clearly implementing the parties’ agreements in the oil and gas sector.

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