Advantages of Working Part Time as a Food Courier

There are many advantages of working part-time as a food courier for those that want to make a little cash on the side. Delivering food in today’s digital on-demand society is here to stay. All that is required is for a person to have a little bit of free time and knowledge of the area.

What are the Hours?

This is the best part of working part-time, you get to choose the hours you want to be driving or cycling around delivering food.

The traditional meal hours do still exist and are the busiest times of the day for food delivery, but with so many people on unusual schedules, the demand for food is nearly a 24 hour business.

By taking on a part time food delivery job that allows you to pick the hours you are willing to work, the free time you have can easily be filled in with making money. This is ideal for stay at home moms, students and for those just looking to stay busy. If you choose this option you can choose from deliveroo or Uber eats or one of the other many food delivery services that are supported by online ordering apps.  Whichever you choose make sure you have cover in place for fast food delivery insurance. This will protect you in the event of an accident or any claims made against your service. compare the market with comparative web sites, MultiQuote off a wide selection of cover options for fast food delivery as to Go Compare.

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What is the Pay?

When you are a food delivery person, you have two revenue streams heading your way.

  • You get paid for each delivery which is either a flat rate or pay per mile.
  • There are tips.

What Type of Employees are Part Time Food Delivery Couriers?

Unlike full time employees that are permanent workers, the part time worker is not an employee of a delivery company. These workers are instead independent contractors. This makes each courier their own boss who hires themselves out to a company as a source of income. 

What Happens when You decide not to Work?

Unlike full-time employees with a work schedule dictated by their employers, the independent contract part time food courier decides if they want to work or not. This allows for the couriers to take time off when they are sick, have an appointment or just want the day off.

The only requirement to take a day or week off is to notify the delivery company that you will be unavailable for deliveries and state the period of time you are taking off.

Do You have to Work on Holidays?

Since each food courier makes their schedule, the decision to work holidays is a personal choice. One thing to consider is that the holiday season is the busiest time of year for part-time food delivery couriers. Advantages of working the holidays include:

  • More deliveries per hour than other times of the year.
  • People are more generous during the holidays and tips are bigger.
  • The food orders are generally larger so the pay per delivery is higher.
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The best of all the advantages of working part time as a food courier is that you are your own boss. You choose the days and hours you want to work or not want to work. The only drawback of this scheme is if you are not working, you are not making money.

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