Simple Tips to Improve Android & iPhone Working Performance

Is the Android phone of yours running slow? Do you want to make it run faster by boosting its performance? Do you feel irritated by the slowness of the phone and because it hangs a lot? Obviously, a few tips and tricks can help you eliminate these issues even if it isn’t under the iPhone warranty. 

How to Improve Smartphone Performance?

So, let us check all those tips and tricks available to make our smartphone work faster.

The Unused Apps Should be Uninstalled

This is of utmost priority. A few heavy apps might be continually running out of sight (in the background), depleting battery power, and affecting your phone’s performance. Thus, if you don’t utilize any such app very often, uninstall them at the earliest. 

The uninstalling process may vary somewhat from phone to phone, yet they are usually all the same. Simply press and continue holding the app icon you want to uninstall and drag it upward. As you tap and drag or hold, the uninstall option will be visible on the top of the phone. Drag the app icon there, and you are done with the uninstalling process. Ensure the best results with the help of reliable cell phone protection plans.

Switch the Data Saver On

The feature of Data Saver puts a restriction on the background exercises for most apps and even the apps you’re utilizing currently. It can assist you with saving processing power and battery life also.  

To start this, go to Settings and then go-to data visualization. Then tap the Data Saver option for setting this on. You can switch this on or off by tapping its switch. This feature can likewise be used through the notification shade also. 

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Enable the Feature on Chrome As Well

Besides the data saver on the phone, you’ll also get the same feature in Chrome. Google servers remotely pack website pages before they send them to you after you have enabled this feature, and consequently, it saves your data, which boosts your internet speed.

To empower Data saver in Chrome, click on the app, and press the three dots (lying vertically) on the menu’s upper right corner. Then click/tap on the Settings and go down, scrolling at the bottom to tap on the Data Saver. This is where you can access the feature. You can get back here and check the data saved by you using this feature.

Accelerate the Animations

This is a hidden feature under the Android’s Developer options, and you accelerate the animations with it. This feature can almost double your phone speed, and hence considerably, you’ll be able to save additional time between opening apps, getting back to the home screen, and so on. 

To initiate this, first, you need to set-up the Developer Options. Hence, click on Settings, then tap System and tap on About Phone. After you’ve done all this, tap continuously on the Build Number until you are prompted on the screen to enable the Developer options.

Presently, return to the settings menu, and you will see Developer Options there, and tap on it. Here, go scrolling down to the Drawing toggles, and discover the scale of Window animation, Transition animation, and Illustrator/animation span (duration).  

For all of them, 1x is the value by default. However, you need to either turn them off or make it to .5x. This will enhance your phones’ speed.

Disable the App’s Background Data

Some hefty apps gobble up a decent level of your RAM and battery. To avoid this, just turn these apps’ background data off for saving your data and memory. However, remember that you won’t get notifications currently from the app if you do this except if you are opening the application. 

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For doing so, get into the App Information screen for the app you’d prefer to incapacitate background data by pressing the app icon longer and continuing to tap on App Info. When you get there, get to Data Usage with a tap and then turn the Background data to “off” mode, which can be the default action.

Apps Cache Clearing

For the apps that are genuinely making performance inconvenience, cache clearing could be significant sometimes. This basically erases the impermanent documents/files that amass the specific app after some time and uses memory. 

For clearing cache, visit the page of App Info and tap the Storage option. Presently, tap the Cache Clearing option, and that’s it. Additionally, continue doing it frequently to get enhanced performance. Get the best outcomes with iPhone warranty for your phone.


Hence, these small tips can make your phone run faster and solve many issues even. Additionally, more often than not, when we face any performance issue, we restart our phones. Doing so can, interestingly, solve a lot of issues related to performance. A restart reestablishes the usefulness of your smartphone and keeps it at top performance. This way, you can help the performance of Android phones.

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