All You Need To Know About Air Sanders

Sanders is a tool used for polishing, cleaning, or smoothing any surface. This tool can be used on various materials such as metal, plastic, or wood. This is mainly functions to smooth a rough surface and provide the finishing to a final product. There are different types of sanders available for different types of jobs. You need to choose the best sanders according to your needs. 

Sanders are used for certain industries. There are mainly two types, electric sanders, and sanders that are powered by compressed air.

The air sanders are available in the following types:

Are Sanders Types

  • Belt sanders
  • Dual-action sanders
  • Angle-sanders
  • Dust-free sanders
  • Compact disc sanders 
Air sanders

Why Would You Choose An Electric Sander? 

There are various benefits associated with air sanders. Here, you can find a few benefits of using an air sander: 

  • Simple Design

As the design is simple, it has fewer parts. Therefore, if the air sanders start disturbing, you can easily repair the sander at less cost. Air sanders are durable and long-lasting, and you do not need to spend a huge maintenance cost on them. 

  • Generate Lesser Heat

Dealing with the electricity-powered machine is hard as it generates immense heat and you cannot use it for a long period of time. On the other hand, if you use the air sanders, it would be much more comfortable as it generates lesser heat than the previous one. Therefore, it will be easier to use it for a longer time with comfort. 

  • No Risk Of Electric Or Fire Hazard
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As these air sanders do not consume electricity, it is safer to use. The risk of fire hazards or electric shock is minimal to zero you can say. This aspect makes it highly acceptable to the workers. 

  • Light-Weight

The lightweight air sanders allow the workers to use them for a longer span without getting their hands tired.  Moreover, it also takes lesser time to finish the job. So, time-saving can be also added to its beneficial aspects. You can complete your polishing project within a deadline. 

  • Versatile

The versatility of this sander makes it hugely popular. Suppose you are working in a place where there is no electricity. How would you run your electric sanders? Therefore, using these air-powered machines can help you to continue your work without any electricity. 

air sander

Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing An Air Sander

  • Power

High power is highly needed to accomplish aggressive sanding. Therefore, check the power while you buy an air sender and you need to choose the best one based on the project that needs to be done. 

  • Suction 

If the air sanders do have a proper suction then they can spread a huge amount of dust, it is so harmful to breathe it in. so, you must check that the one you are opting for whether it has that facility or not. 

  • Vibration
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The vibration needs to be controlled if you expect a good result. An aggressive vibration would not provide you with the result you desire and it can lead to serious injury. So check the insulation level of the sander before you choose.  

  • Orbit size

The orbit size entirely depends on the type of finish and performance you want. You need to use a larger orbit for the rough and heavy jobs. 

  • Sanding Pad Type 

This is highly needed to have the perfect effect. You need hard and thin plates for rough works to be done. On the other hand, the semi-soft and thick ones are used for the finishing touch. 


We have covered almost everything about air sanders. Now you know the types, convenience, and benefits of these air-powered tools. Therefore, it surely has become easy for you to choose one based on your project and needs. 

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