Beauty Industry Marketing Ideas & Strategies

A business remains static if you don’t pay attention to promote the same. To widen the reach of your salon, it must be visible to your targeted audience. Otherwise, neither you will earn profits, nor customers who are the source to generate revenue.

To open a salon business is far easier than running it, to reach every eye and ear is what comes forward as most challenging. Maybe, you own a salon or spa with more skilled staff, more professional equipment, great ambiance, but what’s the point if people don’t know you. It feels bad, right? When you see even less capable salons are also filled, but see your chairs empty. We can understand your pain. That’s why we are here to assist you. 

There is nothing hard, the only issue is you are lacking badly in your salon marketing. You are not updated with the latest trends that are dominating the beauty market. And, even if you are practicing a few marketing tactics, don’t forget to include current trends, like salon booking & scheduling software. These days, it’s the hot trend in many salons and spas. Salon solutions have helped out many salon managers and prove to be the success behind their progress.

Well, stay tuned with us, below we have listed down key marketing tactics that every salon owner needs to know.

Tactics you need to know to uplift your salon success

Try to stay at the top in search engine results

Do you know how much it matters to rank higher on search engine results? You can get the most out of your business like more customers, sales, ROI by ranking higher on search results. 

When customers search a beauty salon around them over the web and don’t find your salon, it’s understandable you rarely exist in your potential customer’s eye. 

Nowadays, the online presence of any business does matter a lot. Before embracing any salon people try to know the business keenly via online mode. They look for customer reviews as they are based on customers’ real experiences. Customers’ positive and negative experiences help a lot in this case. 

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So before implementing any marketing strategy make sure you have the basics in place like online visibility.

Personalized brand experience

Who doesn’t fascinate and love things to happen in their own way? I guess everybody, it’s human nature. 

So, if you are running a salon or spa, you know it’s a customer-facing business, focusing on customers’ needs and preferences should be your primary goal. Customizing brand experiences is the right way to hear your client’s voice. Experts say a major proportion of customers choose a brand where they can get the privilege of personalized products and services. 

Like, we all know according to science, our skin type keeps changing due to environmental changes. Here, you can play, you can design skincare products according to customers’ skin health. What else customers want, they will surely get inclined to your brand no matter if your competitors are offering a discount or any free scheme. A personalized brand experience is the best way to make customers realize that the brand they have chosen hears their voices and values their preferences. 

Optimum usage of social media 

Social media is bliss in today’s world. It is one of the most manmade praiseworthy gifts for every individual on earth. There is no need to explain the incredible benefits of technology as everybody has witnessed the same in their day-to-day lives. 

If we talk about the business sector, it has been of great help there too. Well, here our emphasis is on salon business marketing. Social media channels are the best mode to market your salon business. You can showcase your salon product images with their benefits on social media. Videos showcasing the step-by-step process of various services. Customers love watching authentic content. Sharing reviews and thanking cards of customers also work wonderfully. 

We recommend leveraging social media as much as you can. It’s the latest marketing trend these days.

Leveraging online salon appointment booking

It’s a fact that technology proves to be a boon in every aspect. Things get three-time quick and better when integrated with technology. 

Our concern is, if till today you are manually handling your appointments then you are wasting many of your precious hours. Try to devote that time to serving your customers in the best possible way. These clerical tasks eat your time and bar your staff to make customers’ engagements. 

Having online scheduling & booking available is one of the keys to moving your salon & spa business growth into autopilot. If you haven’t installed salon appointment software till today, don’t miss the opportunity of enjoying plenty of privileges altogether. Integrate your salon with smart salon tools very soon, and don’t forget to put your online booking feature on your website and other social channels. 

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Lastly, salon solutions not only simplify your appointment process but other key salon operations as well. The salon staff need not invest plenty of hours in completing various tasks. With salon management software tasks can be accomplished with just a few clicks. 

Offer referral discounts

Offering Referrals is the hot trend roaming in the beauty industry. It is the tactic behind the success of many well-established salon owners. Referrals do two good things together, firstly, give the joy of discount to loyal customers and secondly automate marketing of your brand through them. 

Allow a few of your loyal customers to do marketing for you and earn a few percent discounts off on their future service.

Free care product with service

The objective of this strategy is to show concern to your clients. To take care of their hair, skin, or whatever with a care product like shampoo, spa kit, facewash, etc. 

Implementing this strategy does dual things together for you. First, make your clients joyful with free products and, secondly on their next facial or hair cut, you might have less work to do so. 


Hopefully, you have found the above-mentioned marketing tactics fascinating and useful. You have invested your time reading these key tips, it would be worthwhile only when you put this reading into action.

Lastly, we can only say, pay equal attention to marketing and promotion of your salon as well. It is something that cannot be skipped at any cost. To attain maximum success in the salon industry or any business, constant promotion of the same on a timely basis is crucial.

Enjoy reading and don’t forget to share your views with us in the comment section below. 

Thank you!

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