8 Proven Techniques to Achieve a Long-lasting Eyelash Extension Set

While your lashes falling out won’t entirely wound your self-esteem or hinder your self-improvement, keeping your lash extensions on your natural ones for a long time can be a huge mood booster. 

After all, with how much they cost and how long they take to apply, it would be such a waste if you don’t take care of your lash extensions properly. Let’s discover the tricks for maintaining fabulous, healthy, and long-lasting eyelash extensions in this blog.

A Checklist For Strong Lash Extensions

You can’t expect a puppy to grow into an affectionate dog if you raised them carelessly. Similarly, you won’t get strong and healthy lashes if you don’t care for them.

Managing lash extensions may depend on the styling you’ve chosen. For instance, because of how thin the lash diameter is for volume lashing, clients would have to take more precautions and be more gentle with their extensions than those with classic lash styling.

Nevertheless, classic and volume lash clients must follow these eight simple rules to guarantee stronger and longer lash retention.

Avoid water (for the first few hours)

The first rule begins when you step out of the lash parlor. Similar to the rules of perm maintenance, you must avoid wetting your eyelash extensions right after your lash appointment. Water and moisture hinder the lash adhesive bonds from fully developing, resulting in poor lash retention.

Lash technicians advise clients to avoid getting water near or on their lashes for the first four to six hours after application. Doing so gives the adhesive time to cure and form stronger bonds, keeping the extensions on the natural lash longer.

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Keep them clean

Of course, after that 4 to 6-hour period, you must wash your lash extensions with free-flowing water and lash shampoo. 

Some clients may hesitate to clean their lashes, fearing that doing so might damage their extensions and cause them to fall off early. However, failing to clean the lashes regularly will allow oil, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms to accumulate and grow. 

This buildup can damage your lash health and even result in several unsafe eye conditions, such as:

  • Styes
  • Eye irritation
  • Blepharitis
  • Lash mite infestation

While cleaning your lashes, lather up your lash shampoo and gently spread it on your lashes. To cleanse the soap off, ensure the water flows down your face to avoid putting force or pressure on your extensions.

Dry and comb your lashes

After washing, it’s only fitting to dry your lashes. Use fiber-free towels to avoid accidentally removing your extensions with fibers. 

Once your lashes are dry, don’t forget to comb through them lightly with a spoolie brush. Regularly brushing the lashes straightens any strays and keeps the extensions in good shape. 

Stay off of steam and oil

As mentioned, moisture doesn’t mesh well with lash extensions. Prolonged exposure to moisture may negatively affect the adhesive bonds, so it’s best to reschedule that sauna day to a later date.

Similarly, you must avoid placing oil-based products on your lashes. Oils can weaken the lash adhesive bonds, making your extensions fall off prematurely. If you need to use beauty products, go water-based. Micellar water, for instance, is an excellent alternative to oil-based makeup removers.

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Don’t curl and put mascara on your lashes

Speaking of oil-based products, avoiding mascara on your lashes is best. Besides having oil as one of its primary ingredients, mascara can also put too much weight on your lashes, resulting in your extensions drooping down and losing their ideal shape

Curling your lashes is also a huge no-no. A lash curler may unintentionally pinch and pull off your extensions and natural hair follicles, ultimately damaging your lash health.

Avoid overly touching or rubbing them

Being overly conscious of your extensions’ appearance may urge you to keep touching them unintentionally. Repeatedly touching, pulling on, or rubbing your lashes may result in poor lash retention. Hence, these actions must be strictly avoided.

Mind your sleeping habits

Even your sleep positions matter when it comes to maintaining your eyelash extensions. Sleeping sideways or on your face may damage and cause your outer corner lash extensions to fall off. Although it may be out of your control, sleep on your back as much as possible.

Set regular lash refills

Most importantly, you must remember to return to your lash parlor and receive regular lash refills every two to three weeks. Refill appointments help maintain the shape of your extensions by resolving any twisted lashes and covering shedding gaps.

Lash Extensions Need TLC, Too!

All it really takes is simple, tender loving care. Continuous lash extension aftercare is the key to a fabulous and long-lasting extension look. 

With the tips we’ve listed above, you’ll surely have healthy and strong lash extensions for a long time.

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