What are the Benefits of the Green Homes Grant Scheme?

Rishi Sunak announced the Green Homes Grant Scheme earlier this year, a scheme designed to help and push homeowners and landlord to upgrade their properties to be more energy efficient. The grant is given to people in the form of vouchers, which can be put towards a wide range of home improvements, in an effort to push for more sustainable housing and to benefit local companies by providing them with lots of new work. 

The scheme is open to applications at the end of September, making it more important than ever for homeowners to learn about what it entails, how you can apply and the benefits it can bring long term. 

How much can you claim from the scheme?

The scheme is comprised of two offerings, the main scheme and the low-income scheme. Those who claim benefits for a range of other reasons such as the job seekers allowance, child tax credit, disability living allowance, housing benefit and much more, can apply for the lower-income scheme and be eligible for up to a massive £10,000 worth of vouchers to improve their home. 

For those not claiming benefits for any other reason, you can still apply for up to £5000 worth of vouchers, which will hugely help when it comes to having work done around your home. 

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BOXT are leading the way in smart home technology in the UK, offering a wide range of systems that help homes to increase their energy-efficiency such as boilers and electric vehicle chargers. The team have put together a simple guide to the Green Homes Grant Scheme to help you understand why, how and when to apply to see a benefit. 

What home improvements can you claim vouchers for?

The government have split their scheme into primary and secondary measures. If your home requires a primary measure carrying out, you are eligible to apply and can then apply for funding for both primary and secondary improvements should your home need them. 

Primary measures include improvements in insulation, whether this is in walls, under floors or in lofts and/or the installation of heat pumps. Secondary measures are comprised of draught-proofing measures, replacement windows and doors and improvements to your thermostats and heating controls, such as smart meters. 

How can you apply?

Before you apply for your vouchers, you will need to understand what your home needs and how efficient it currently is. If your home doesn’t already have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), you will need to book in to have a registered domestic energy assessor visit your home and carry this out. They can advise on what needs doing and where your energy is being wasted. 

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Once you have received quotes from potential accredited companies, you are ready to apply for the scheme to potentially gain the necessary funding. 

What are the benefits of the Green Homes Grant Scheme?

  • Reduced energy bills for households in the long term.
  • More sustainable homes and society in general – more homes in the A and B band of the energy-efficiency rating. 
  • Increased local work, better employment rates nationally and more skills – small businesses will see increased demand for their services. 
  • Improved living conditions for low-income households. 
  • Improved living conditions for renters. 

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