Top Facts about Migration Services to Australia

Australia is a great country that often ranks as the best place to live in. It is blessed with a high quality of life. As such, there is much demand for migration services to Australia. The long history of migration to the country has brought about the rich cultural diversity and strong economic standing enjoyed by Australia.

The following are some top facts about Australia relating to migration:

  • The first migrants to Australia came between 40,000 and 60,000 years ago. They comprise the Aboriginal population of the country. They have some of the oldest cultures in the world.
  • In 1788, the British came to the country to set up a penal colony because of the lack of space in England. Soon after, free settlers began to embark on the long voyage to the country in search of a better life.
  • Australia has always been multi-cultural. The first arrivals were from the Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal, France, Norway, and Germany.
  • Over 28% of current citizens of Australia were born overseas.
  • In the period 2016 to 2017, Indians were the top migrants, followed by the Chinese and British.
  • Persons coming as per the ‘skilled visa’ scheme account for 70% of immigrants.
  • By 2050, migrants are projected to contribute $1.6 trillion to the GDP of Australia.
  • There were more than 300 dialects and languages spoken in the country in 2016.
  • The resilience of Australia during the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) has been attributed partly to the positive impact of immigrants during that period.
  • Migration is expected to add 14 million persons to Australia by 2050. They will account for 37% of the population growth of the country during that period.
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How to migrate to Australia

There are many thousands of individuals applying for visas to live and work in Australia. The question before them is how to migrate to Australia. You can enjoy much peace of mind by understanding better what you should do and when you should do it.

  • Talk to an expert

Take the help of a registered migration agent who has expertise in migration laws. They can offer guidance on skilled visas.

Why Australia is so popular

The following are the main reasons why Australia is so popular for migration:

  • Subsidized and free healthcare

The Medicare system in Australia offers access to a wide range of healthcare services, free medical care in public hospitals, and reduced costs for prescription medicines.

  • Subsidized or free education 

The education system of Australia offers subsidized or free primary, secondary and tertiary education. The system has a good reputation for its high quality.

  • Climate and weather

The country is an attractive migration destination because of its temperate weather. All 4 seasons can be found in the East coast of the country, from pleasant spring and summer to cool fall and winter.

  • World’s best liveable cities

In the survey by the Economist for the world’s most liveable cities, several Australian cities figure in the top ranks. In 2021, Adelaide scored the third spot on the list, with Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane were all in the top 10.

  • The food
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The multi-cultural cuisine of Australia is highly attractive, with several Michelin star restaurants, cafes, and fast-food chains of all kinds. You can enjoy a diverse range of options because of the large migrant populations.

  • The economy and the Australian dollar

The economy of the country is really strong, and hence, the Australian dollar enjoys a reputation as one of the safest and strongest currencies in the world.

In sum, these are all the top facts about Australia and why and how to seek migration services to the country.

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