Can Bollards Prevent Car Theft?

Can Bollards Prevent Car Theft

Here’s a grueling fact for you: 154 cars are stolen PER DAY around Australia. That’s 6 cars every hour, or once every 10 minutes. 

And sure, those numbers have been down recently as people have been spending more time indoors, but post-Covid – those numbers are on the rise again. 

Don’t ever think for a second this couldn’t happen to you. 

Indeed, no amount of “look-lock-leave” is going to stop a thief from driving away – if they really wanted to. 

Especially if your car is innocently parked in your driveway, or worse – on the verge. 

‘Nuff said. What’s the solution to this thorny car theft issue?

Don’t rely on insurance 

Don’t want to burst any bubbles…but. 

While getting insurance is fine and all, sometimes your car means a whole lot more than just getting that payout if it is stolen. Think about it for a second. No one likes paperwork, especially if it’s about your stolen pride and joy.


Real solutions, please.

Try a bollard 

Yep, that’s more like it. A sturdy, impenetrable bollard

There’s something final about a bollard. It’s not just a piece of insurance paper saying you’ve got coverage. It’s physical. It’s real. 

A bollard sends a strong message to would-be car thieves: Not today. Not ever. Goodbye. 

How do bollards prevent car theft?

Very simply by creating a barrier that only you can open – and unless a thief is willing to charge through a front fence or come with the right tools to dismantle your bollard, you should be feeling pretty confident. 

Where should the bollard go?

This depends on your property. Wherever you normally park your car is the danger zone. And you want to make sure only you can access your car. While everyone’s situation is different, there are three hints you can follow to maximize protection:

  1. Make sure your entrance is secure. There’s no use putting a bollard in your driveway if there’s another way to get out of the property – a second driveway, back entrance, or the fact that you have no front fence. 
  2. Keep it central. Installing a bollard in the middle of an entrance is the most effective way as it ‘covers’ or protects the most angles of escape.
  3. Don’t make it hard for yourself. This is all too common. Someone installs a bollard only to find it more difficult for themselves to get in and out of the property. 
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Best bollard to protect against car theft 

Installing the wrong bollard can be an expensive mistake. Ultimately, many different bollards will help protect your car against rogue theft. But as with any product – some are just better than others. Here’s the low down. 

Heavy-duty retractable bollards 

Jumping straight in with the gold standard here. Automatic retractable bollards are the crème de la crème of all bollards. Made from reinforced stainless steel, this can be quite a statement piece, as these bollards are used to guard foreign embassies and government property from vehicular terror attacks, and the worst drivers you can imagine. Although on the pricier side, they afford extremely good protection and can easily be raised and lowered via remote from the comfort of your seat.

Manual retractable bollards 

This range of bollards can protect against even the most determined of crooks. One of the advantages of a retractable bollard is it can sit safely underground until it’s lifted up and locked into position.

Fold-down/ parking bollards

A far cheaper option, but by no means pedestrian, the fold-down bollard comes in multiple types, some can even be operated remotely, making installation far cheaper and quicker compared to in-ground bollards.

What about local council regulations? Is it legal?

Before you go into panic mode, relax we’re not talking about a bollard on the pavement outside your property. You may have heard some fuss about local councils not allowing bollards to be installed, basically, if you’re doing in your car park, on your private property – they’ve got nothing to complain about. Just make sure it’s not obstructing any traffic or getting in the way of the public – you’ll be fine. 

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Where the hell do I get bollards from?

If you’re new to this, you may well be wondering where you get these things. The good news is in Perth and across Western Australia, multiple companies supply high-quality Australian-made bollards – designed to fit in your driveway. 

If you’re worried your google search won’t turn in the results you want – check out Image Extra, a local Perth brand that specializes in bollards, and will assist with delivery and installation. 

The Bottom Line 

Protecting your car with a bollard is the most secure solution to car safety. It practically blows all other anti-theft techniques out of the water with the simple fact that no one is going to drive away with that bollard in your driveway. 

Getting safety bollards is easy. Just contact your local dealer online and match up the price and quality. 

Don’t let the thieves get there first. Stay safe, and happy bollard installation.

Johnny Thompson

Johnny Thompson is a senior reporter for Generator Research in Los Angeles, reporting on technology, business, finances, and more. He previously worked as a reporter for the Wall Street Journal and got his start at newspapers in New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

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