My Ex Won’t Let Me See The Kids! What Can I Do?

Having a child that you watched grow matters to any parent so what if you were told you couldn’t see them again? Maybe the divorce went bad and your ex has taken the kids and is ignoring all your requests and concerns. Either way, this problem is serious as the bond that a child has with their parents can help shape how they act and even could cause some terrible habits to develop. When traversing a legal area with high importance the best thing you can do is to talk to the family lawyers in the area.

How Child Custody Works

When a couple starts separating they have to think about who is more suited for custody of the child and how a rotation should be put in place. During a divorce, there can be a lot of tension between both parties and biased opinions that could cause the separation to end terribly. This often leads to each side demanding more and more with requesting that the other party get less which has led to many parents not being able to see their children, but here are the factors you should take note of.

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During a separation, the court has to look at many factors regarding how well the parents can take care of the children. If the court has sided against you that doesn’t mean that you should give up as some of the factors include areas like finance which can change over time. If you think you should be given time with your children or want to request more then talk with Perth family lawyers about a child custody agreement plan to get your children back.

Can You Request A Child Custody Arrangement?

A child custody arrangement is perfect for someone in your situation. When you want to push to a routine so that you can guarantee some time with your kids you can look to having a court a parenting order. This agreement can also take into account other areas like if one person can financially provide more for the children and if their area is safer. In doing so they can properly set an allocated time that both parents can spend time with their children to create a better growing experience for the kids.

This can be done if you feel like your ex is not letting you see the kids or if you think you should have more time with them. Make sure to remember that if you don’t have the money to have kids over for multiple nights a week then don’t request it as the kid’s wellbeing is the most important part of this situation and vice versa if you think their living circumstances with your ex is not up to standard.

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What To Do If You Think Someone Is Breaching Custody Arrangement

If you feel like the agreement is being ignored or breached by your ex then you can take legal action to correct this. Arranging a meeting with our child custody lawyer can get you advice and help to make sure that your wishes are understood and that the child’s well-being is being considered. Our lawyers are very experienced and educated in areas like these so make the right move and visit them today.

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