How Asana can be useful while creating WordPress Website

In the digital world that we live in, companies might think of having a responsive and mobile-friendly WordPress website to manage and monitor various tasks. WordPress is one of the most user-friendly content management systems which can be utilized for creating, sharing, and promoting content over the internet. When integrated with a proper project management system it can provide you with numerous added advantages. A project management system not only helps you to set your goals but also helps you to accomplish your task and meet deadlines. Various WordPress development services are continuously aiming at improving the WordPress user experience with different software. 

What is Asana and why should it be integrated with your WordPress website?

Asana is a project management software. It is like a visual spreadsheet or a calendar that keeps you updated about the current work status, helps you to choose your priorities make important decisions, and keep the project completion in check. Asana WordPress integration helps you to assign specific tasks to your team members who are capable of the job and track record of the work in progress. 

To start with you need to sign up to Asana and create an account which is for free. Asana has a hierarchy concept that helps with Asana task management and allows projects to be split up into smaller tasks that are monitored by team leaders. Similar projects can be clubbed together using the portfolio feature which is a recent addition.

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Asana comes with a set of teamwork project management tools which is one of the main objectives. Asana WordPress provides you with a collapsible sidebar on the left-hand side of each page which allows you to navigate as per requirement. The various shortcut you can access from the sidebar is:

  • Inbox which shows you the updates related to tasks and projects
  • My Tasks which shows you the status of your task and where reports can be saved for later approvals
  • Portfolios which allow you to club related projects together
  • Teams which is a dropdown menu which allows you to see the different teams of your company in a single place.
  • Projects allows you to view any ongoing project, track its progress and make edits. You can view the details of task subdivision of any particular project, the tasks and subtasks and the member in charge of it, the importance of a specific task, the deadline and the progress level. You also get sorting options to make changes to the presentation.

Thus, Asana keeps track of the teamwork project management.

How to set up a task or a project?

New tasks and projects can be set up with a click on the orange-colored ‘+ New’ button located on the Home Page and then choosing the relevant option from the menu. A name is given to the task and you can also set up a deadline and then delegate the task to a team member. Other team members who need to monitor the task can be added to the task. The task can be defined with suitable texts, images, and links can be added.

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To set up a project you need to meet more criteria. You can name the project specify its goals and designate the right members to work on the project. Other tasks and subtasks can be added later.

Calendar and Timeline Modes

Apps like Asana have the calendar mode which permits you to supervise the work progress of an entire month. It also highlights the deadlines and you can make changes by dragging or dropping tasks. The timeline mode also presents a broad view of the tasks accomplished and the deadlines to be met. 

Benefits of using Asana

Software like Asana gives you numerous advantages such as:

  • Asana is easy to use and guarantees success in Asana work management.
  • The simply laid out user interface ensures better user experience.
  • Asana can be integrated with a number of apps.
  • You can customize it according to your need.

There is a constant endeavor of Asana software development on the part of every Asana developer to make it more acceptable and useful to companies.  

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