How Design Impacts eCommerce Website User Experience?

When you create an eCommerce website, it’s crucial to think about what customers are interested in and what results they expect. The eCommerce Website Design is crucial because it sets the tone of your website, and it also has the potential to encourage people to buy more. You always want to have an appealing, simple website design, one that doesn’t get in the user’s way. Instead, it should guide and help complete user actions like finding products or initiating a purchase.

Does the website design matter for customers?

How many times did you enter a website with the idea to buy something and you ended up not buying anything? This happens often, and that’s because the design doesn’t convey a sense of value and professionalism. You want to ensure that you would buy from that website you are showing to customers.

With the best eCommerce Website Design, you show a sign of trust, and you also bring in a simple way for customers to access your products. Without a good design, a lot of people will just move on. All the work and money you put into this will be in vain. So yes, you need to be very careful, as the website design brings that first experience with customers. And if it’s not a professional one, you will end up with a lack of engagement and low sales.

The mobile experience for online shoppers

When you create the eCommerce Website Design, one of the most important things to focus on is how your website appeals to mobile users. Ideally, you need to opt for a responsive website design. This delivers a native experience for mobile and desktop users alike. Not only will mobile users appreciate it, but the truth is that 54% of the online eCommerce traffic comes from a smartphone. That means those are the main customers you need to think about, especially in some niches like fashion or gadgets.

As a result, creating a stellar responsive eCommerce Website Design will help you bring in many happy clients. You get to have a consistent online presence since your website will look the same on all platforms. Sure, only 30% of the traffic might bring revenue, the truth is that sticking to the latest tech advancements is always going to keep customers happy. They will appreciate the fact that you are investing in the website, which will always come in handy. Plus, responsive websites rank higher in search engine results so that you will have an outstanding return on investment.

Simplicity or clutter

It’s essential to keep in mind that most people shop online to buy the products they want, but they also want to relax and unwind, creating their shopping list. As a result, the last thing you want is to bring in a website design with a lot of clutter. Yes, simple, clean and clutter-free website designs will always encourage customers to come back and shop with you.

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Most of the popular online stores have a straightforward interface for a reason. An eCommerce website can make more money if it has a flat, minimal and clean design. If you can add photos to tell a story and show how others use your products, this can only help you bring in more clients. Besides, you do want a focused design. Detailed, large imagery will encourage customers to buy because they see exactly how the items look and will not have to worry about any discrepancies. So yes, proper imaging for your products and a clean design will always impact the user experience.

Adding the right details on the product page

When you focus on the eCommerce Website Design for your product page, there are some things you need to think about. First, you want to have a highly visible Add to Cart button. You want customers to initiate a purchase fast, not to waste time, because they cannot find the purchasing button.

The product page also needs to have large photos, product videos, variant images, even 360 views if possible. And while there, you also want to add things like customer reviews and trust badges. All these elements are crucial for creating a stellar user experience.

When a customer sees images, customer reviews and trust badges, he is more enticed to buy a product. And that’s where the size of your Add to Cart button comes into play as well. Every element has its role, and if you don’t implement it wisely, you will make the overall user experience less appealing to customers.

Are videos and images essential for eCommerce Website Design?

Since you are selling all kinds of products on your website, you want to show customers how those products look and what they can expect from their investment. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to invest in the best videography and product photography services you can afford. Not only will customers appreciate the approach, but they will end up buying from you and not others.

Why is that? When a customer looks to purchase a product, their main focus is to see the product first, understand how it works and so on. Videos and images help with that. The more effort you put into creating great videos and photos for your products, the better the results you will get in the end. That’s why such an approach is always worth it.

Easy to use the navigation

You should always ensure that your website is very easy to browse. Why is that so important? Whenever a customer lands on your website, their primary purpose is to find the products they are interested in and initiate the purchase. The truth is that adding too much clutter to the interface will hurt the experience. That means each one of the menus should be very easy to access.

You want the menu buttons to stand out and not stand in the way of a customer. Every category should have sub-categories and so on. A good trick is to maintain the same fonts, style and colours for all your pages. Maintain your branding throughout the website. It makes the eCommerce Website Design more cohesive, not to mention the user experience is memorable. Customers will surely remember your website because it has those specific branding ideas. So yes, it can work very well from a marketing standpoint.

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Adding a search bar is just as important. Not everyone needs to go through categories to find the products they want. Many customers will need to use a search bar to add the keyword and see search results. Every eCommerce Website should have a search bar, as it’s crucial for the customer experience. It also delivers a sense of professionalism, so that’s always something you want to take into consideration as much as possible. Other things that will impact the user experience would be using autocomplete suggestions, in case customers need specific information about products. You should also allow people to search by model number, not just product name.

What’s not appealing for customers when it comes to the website design?

Now that you know what you should add to create a great eCommerce Website Design, it’s good to understand what’s not good for the customer experience. While it’s great to have visuals that entice customers, adding too many visuals and colors will confuse the users. They want to have a seamless, simple experience, so the more colors and visuals you add, the lower the amount of clients you will have.

Another thing to note here is that you want to test the website with some users. This will help a lot, because you get to receive feedback regarding certain platforms and user preferences as a whole. Proper A/B testing will always bring you feedback that will eventually make your eCommerce Website design better. It’s essential to be open to change and listen to your customers. They need to have a great experience, and if you provide them with such a thing, the results can be amazing.

Also, it’s a bad idea just to have a simple profile page for users, and that’s it. Add a Settings page where customers are able to change background colors, switch some features on/off and so on. You will notice that the customer experience always improves when you provide more control to your customers.


Web Design is essential if you want to ensure your customers buy from you often. The truth is that every change you make to the website design can end up affecting your customers. That’s why listening to your clients is essential. The ideas listed above will help you improve your customer’s experience while also making the design a lot more appealing. Sticking to a slicker, appealing, and uncluttered design while also offering customers access to categories or a search bar is the right thing to do. Use these tips and tricks, test your website with potential customers and improve, then you will have no problem delivering an extraordinary experience in the long run!

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