Wearable Technology: 2014

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While highly fragmented and still at an early stage, it is no exaggeration to say that wearable technology is the most exciting emerging trend in the personal technology market today. In time, a small number of enabling wearable technologies will catalyse what we have termed the ‘wearable web’ which will become a trillion-dollar global industry.

The product segments having the most potential in the medium term are smart watches, smart glasses and a range of related body sensors and accessories. We project that the markets for smart watches, smart glasses and personal health and fitness products will be worth USD 8.0 billion in 2014 and USD 101.2 billion in 2018 – with the vast majority of the growth being driven by smart watches and smart glasses.

Report Content

This report offers a detailed analysis of the worldwide wearable technology market and wearable app development. You will be able to read reviews of 80 leading vendors who are offering a diverse range of wearable technology products. Companies included in the profiles and analysis section of this detailed report include heavyweights like Google, Apple, and Samsung plus a raft of others including Adidas, Fitbit, Garmin, Intel, Nike, Qualcomm, Sony, Tom Tom, Jawbone, and many others.

To provide you with a complete picture the report segments the market using three different approaches: by product (supply side), by usage (demand side) and by category (wearable web, personal health & fitness and healthcare). You will also find 5-year forecasts for the key wearable technology segments (Smart Glasses, Smart Watches, Fitness & Activity Trackers and Heart Rate Monitors) and and an analysis which clearly illustrates how the wearable technology could become a multi-trillion-dollar industry.

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Johnny Thompson is a senior reporter for Generator Research in Los Angeles, reporting on technology, business, finances, and more. He previously worked as a reporter for the Wall Street Journal and got his start at newspapers in New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

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