The Race of Best Antivirus Norton Vs Bitdefender

Nowadays, finding a good antivirus for your system has become a difficult task. If you are an individual or a business person you need antivirus protection for your PC system. Norton and Bitdefender are the two most popular antivirus companies. In this article, we will take a look at Norton Vs Bitdefender based on malware protection, performance, the value of money, device compatibility, and ease of use to see which one is best for you.

Which Antivirus Provides Better Malware Protection

Malware protection is one of the major reasons you need an antivirus. If your antivirus fails at providing good malware protection then your system can suffer a huge loss. There are two significant keys we should keep in mind when we talk about malware protection that is perfection rate and false-positive rate.

The perfection rate of Bitdefender total security is really astonishing and gives you a very low false-positive result rate. Bitdefender has also won the best protection 2019 award from the famous AV-Test institute.

On the other hand, Norton 360 deluxe has a  very good perfection rate. It provides you advanced features like SONAR and high-quality encryption that cleans or secure your PC from all kinds of malware. There is just one problem with Norton 360 deluxe that it gives a lot of false-positive results.

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So, that is why Bitdefender has gained one point over Norton.

Which Antivirus Software Provides Better Performance?

Performance is the second thing you should look at before buying antivirus for your PC system.

Norton 360 deluxe is one of the fastest Antivirus when it comes to speed and gives you fast scanning. Norton also gives you VPN security that can compromise your speed. Its VPN slows down your internet speed and takes a lot of space on your PC which makes other software and apps speed slow.

Bitdefender provides you fast speed and scanning timing also it does not take any extra space so, you don’t have to compromise your speed while working on your system.     

What About Your Value for the Money

Norton 360 deluxe provides you the most reasonable plan and comes with a 75GB cloud backup. And some other quality features.

Bitdefender is a little bit expensive than Norton 360 deluxe but it comes with a lot of more features than Norton 360 deluxe

Both Norton and Bitdefender can support up to 5 devices so, you can choose any of them according to your requirement.

Which Provides a Better User Experience

Norton and Bitdefender are one of famous companies. Both provide a better user experience and easy to use it is hard to compare between these two.

Bitdefender provides you a PDF guide that elaborates on how to install it and how to use it on Windows, Mac, iOS, etc. If you get stuck anywhere you can use the PDF anytime and anywhere.

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On the other hand, Norton provides you the short small videos on how to fight against malware, how to detect viruses and ransomware, etc. It also provides you a 24/7 customer support to resolve your problems.

Both provide smart features and functions that are easy to use and figures out.

Final Conclusion

In this Norton 360 deluxe Vs, Bitdefender total security / Norton Vs Bitdefender what we found is Bitdefender has an edge over Norton 360 deluxe. It the broadest and most complete plan.  And provides more quality features and better protection against malware threats. However, Norton 360 deluxe also has amazing features like a password manager, cloud back-up, safe-cam protection, strong high-quality encryption, and etc. plus it is affordable. Both are good antiviruses the use can buy according to his meets and requirement. 

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