5 Signs You Need a Business Lawyer

Entrepreneurs who are just starting out, or those who have already started running a small business, may question if they need a business lawyer or if they can just handle things on their own. There are, in fact, many legal tasks business owners can take on themselves, such as choosing a name for the business, creating legal partnership agreements, applying for an employer identification number, licenses, and permits, and creating contracts. 

As a small business, there may be little or no extra capital to pay lawyers, or it may seem like more a hassle than a benefit. However, working with a lawyer or law firm can help protect you and your business from massive legal penalties, fines, or other problems that could be detrimental to your success. 

What Does a Business Lawyer Do? 

Businesses lawyers specialize in giving advice on starting and managing a business, while protecting the business and its assets and ensuring compliance with laws and regulations. Lawyers can also represent you in court in the event you are being sued or need to sue someone else. 

Their primary role is to help guide you through complex laws, draft and review agreements and contracts, protect your intellectual property, and other tasks to keep your business operating efficiently and effectively. 

Don’t wait to hire a business lawyer when you’re facing a lawsuit, getting sued, or needing to sue someone else. Working with a lawyer from the start can help protect you and your business in the long run. 

Reasons You May Need a Business Lawyer

Here are five signs you may need a business lawyer to help you protect yourself and your company. 

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Developing or Signing Contracts

If you’re developing or signing contracts, a business lawyer can be a beneficial asset. These could be employee, independent contractor, or partnership agreements, non-disclosure agreements, trade agreements, service agreements, employee contracts, and others that are important for doing business. 

Working with legal counsel to clearly spell out terms such as deliverable descriptions, pricing, payments, penalties, limitations on liability, a force majeure clause, dispute resolution clause, and other terms that are tailored to your business can help prevent issues down the road. 

And, having a lawyer review any contracts before you sign them can help you understand exactly what you’re signing, therefore protecting you and avoiding any legal ramifications for breach of contract. 

Filing Taxes

Businesses can be liable for taxes, fines, and other penalties if they don’t properly prepare for tax considerations. Examples of steps business owners would need to take include:

  • Obtaining a tax ID
  • Choosing a legal entity 
  • Understanding and taking advantage of tax incentives
  • Outlining stock options
  • Paying sales taxes
  • Paying payroll taxes
  • Knowing the difference between employee vs. independent contractors
  • Completing income and deductible expenses documentation 

While some of this can be completed on your own, it can be beneficial to work with a business lawyer to ensure you’re following the right steps, getting and filing the right information, and all processes are completed appropriately. 

Intellectual Property Protection

Intellectual property can be a product, technology, or service and includes patents, copyrights, trademarks, service marks, trade secrets, and other aspects that need protection. It can also include things like website designs, content, logos, and other creative properties. 

Having protection in the event someone tries to steal or take credit for this work can be beneficial for your business, and you can also be protected in the event you’re accused of stealing someone else’s work. At Nemphos Braue, we understand this and are experts at securing, protecting, enforcing, and monetizing that intellectual property. 

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Major Business Transactions

Buying out another company, changing vendors or long-term product suppliers, switching distributors, or completing other major business transactions can go much smoother with the support of a business lawyer. Mergers and acquisitions can also go more smoothly when a business lawyer can help ensure the terms are fair for your business. 

A business lawyer can look at both old and new contracts to ensure you won’t be entering any legal trouble or breach of contract.

Filing Business License and Other Legal Documents

When starting a business, entrepreneurs have a number of legal actions to take, documents to file, and fees to handle depending on their state and type of business. This can include getting a business license, filing an LLC, partnership, C-corporation or S-corporation, and filing documents such as articles or organization, partnership agreements, corporate bylaws, operating agreements, and others. 

Working with a business lawyer during this time can help ensure there are no errors that could affect or delay the business, as well as help you understand basic business legal processes and functions to protect yourself in the future. 

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