Where Should You Travel in Mexico?

In Mexico, people with different needs will be able to find activities to their liking. This country boasts interesting excursion routes, ancient cities, beautiful sandy beaches, amazing nature, incendiary discos, delicious national cuisine, and many other entertainments for every taste. Therefore, going on vacation to Mexico, the question of where to go will not arise.

Mexico, and especially the Quintana Roo region, has several popular resorts that can suit the taste of everyone. They can be conditionally divided into the following.

Cities in Quintana Roo region

This region includes the cities of Cancun, and Playa Del Carmen, as well as the small resorts of Puerto Morelos, Isla Mujeres, Tulum, and Chetumal. It is worth going here if you are looking for white beaches, luxury 4 * and 5 * hotels on the first line, and the atmosphere of a tropical resort. There is definitely something to see here!

People come here for the stunning coastline, turquoise water, amazingly beautiful azure waves, children’s laughter, and the Xcaret Park, imitating tropical lagoons. Of all the regions of Mexico, it is Quintana Roo that is least offended by the poor criminal situation in the country.

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The warmest weather and water are in the summer, from June-August, but this season there is a risk of getting caught in rain or even a stormy week. In winter, you can also relax here, but the water can be cool, and the sky is always clear.

In addition to a beach holiday in Quintana Roo, you will find the amazing Mayan pyramids, and the opportunity to surf, kite surf, and windsurf at the beginner level. At the same time, beach surfing in Cancun can smoothly turn into water sports, as there are great opportunities for this – water skiing, jet skiing, banana, and many other adventures await every tourist here.

Cancun: city and hotel zone

Cancun is the most popular Caribbean resort in Mexico. Mostly package tourists from the USA and Europe go there. The fun is there during Spring Break in the United States when young people from all over America flock to Cancun for drinks and fun.

Independent budget travelers most often in vain cross Cancun off the itinerary, mistakenly believing that Cancun is expensive. So, it’s only expensive in the Cancun hotel zone. If you live and eat where Mexicans do it, vacation in Cancun will not cost more than in other cities in Mexico.

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Playa Del Carmen: an amazing resort

This place should be considered one of the best resorts not only in South and Central America but in the whole world. It got superb tranquility, serenity, and exceptional relaxation proportions, which surpasses any possible resort be it in the Mediterranean, Greece, Turkey, Caribbean islands, or any other place.

Bright and hot, noisy and colorful, ancient and mysterious – Mexico is so diverse and unpredictable that any trip here turns into a great adventure. The country of cacti and chili peppers, combining the centuries-old traditions of Indian civilizations and Spanish conquerors, gave the world mariachi music, guacamole sauce, tequila, and the mystical teachings of Castaneda.

In Conclusion

Mexico is an incredible mix of cultures, lush tropical nature, heavenly beaches, majestic pyramids, and a variety of recreation options: from relaxing to the sound of the ocean waves to a complete reboot.

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