Can I Immigrate to the UK?

Europe is one of the world’s leading destinations citing the significant number of people considering the move. The UK is among the European countries with the most opportunities, which attracts more immigrants. The immigration process can be quite challenging, so you should enlist the services of a UK immigration lawyer.

It is possible to immigrate to the UK provided you have all of the necessary documentation. The most important document is a UK visa, and there are several ways you can obtain it. The challenge of getting a UK visa depends on where you are immigrating from. A UK immigration lawyer can make the process much simpler.

Steps For Immigrating to the UK

Since Brexit, there have been changes to UK’s immigration process. To move to the UK, consider the following steps:

Step 1: Find Employment

For people planning to move into the UK, using a work visa is easier. People are only eligible for a work visa if they have a job offer from the UK. Seeking employment abroad should be the first move to facilitate a more straightforward application process.

Some employers might sponsor their employees for a permit to obtain a sponsored-based visa. As a result, they make immigration to the UK easier. Immigrants must prove they are able to support themselves while they live within the UK.

Step 2: Apply for The Right Type of Visa

There are a variety of visa types that you can apply for. Visas are categorized into short-term, long-term, business, and other. Knowing which visa type is best for your immigration situation is critical. 

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Here is a breakdown of the common work visa types to choose from:

  • Innovator or Start-Up Visa— For people wishing to set up and run a business within the UK. The company must deal with a product that is different from the ones already on the market and endorsed by an approved body.
  • Global Talent Visa— Seen as the golden ticket into the UK. This visa applies to skilled science and arts workers who are leaders within their industry. Acquiring such a visa requires an endorsement from an approved body within the UK.
  • Creative and Sporting Visa—This visa is needed by sportspersons and creative workers. These visas require a sponsored certificate from the employer.
  • Religious Worker Visa—If you want to work in the UK short-term as a religious person or preacher, you’ll need a religious worker visa. 

Applying for the right type of visa can help you seek permanent residence, so you should know what best fits your case. 

Step 3: Get the Visa Approved

The visa application process requires submitting all the documentation and settling payments to go through. If all documents are in order, the process may take a few weeks, depending on the type of visa you seek.

A lawyer will evaluate your needs and determine whether it is possible to fast-track the process. Fast-tracking ensures that the application goes through faster than the normal service. 

To fast-track your application, you must prove your identity by attending an appointment at a UK Visa and Citizen Application Services center or using a certain app to scan your identity documents. Certain visas can be fast-tracked, such as Health and Care Worker visas and Skilled Worker visas. Work with a lawyer to find out if your type of visa application can be fast-tracked. 

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Step 4: Move to The UK And Apply for Permanent Residence

After a successful visa application and approval, you can move into the UK. On entry, the immigrant is issued with a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) as proof they have the right to live and work in the UK.

After living in the UK for more than five years, you can now apply for permanent residence. Permanent residence allows you to live in the UK without limitations. You can later apply for citizenship if you choose to, provided you are qualified.

Work With A UK Immigration Lawyer 

Moving to the UK comes with huge perks, but the immigration process can be taxing. It is necessary to work with a UK immigration lawyer to simplify the process. Their extensive know-how means they are the right people to guide you through the entire visa application process.

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